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The Medical Evangelist
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The Medical Evangelist


Ordained Minister, Clinical Research Professional, Proud Mommy, Wife and Medical student takes you on a journey to connect the Love of Medicine and Ministry. This podcast is to inspire, advise and inform believers of Yahusha the Christ in the healthcare field to live boldly for Christ. Medicine needs the hand of Yahuah(Yah). After all, Yahusha Hamashiach is the Great physician! We must boldly stay in faith in the work place. This podcast will unite the aspiring with the professional health care provider. The podcast aims to share awe inspiring stories of how the gospel of Yahusha Hamaschiach is shared. It will take you on a spiritual advising journey of how relevant the knowledge of scriptures and medical information are necessary to successfully maneuver as a Medical Evangelist, teach and push the gospel of the kingdom of Yahuah is near and prepare for the coming of the Yahusha Hamaschiach, confidently.